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Extra fast broadband in the Basque Country

Nowadays we are in a digital era, so broadband is a necessity. The broadband is a high-capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies, which enables a large number of messages to be communicated simultaneously. The medium can be coaxial cableoptical fiberradio or twisted pair

The broadband creation is going to create a huge impact in our society becoming an essential tool. We talk about the situation in Euskadi in collaboration with Ixone Arana Arana, from UPF. It is located in the western Pyrenees, straddling the border between France and Spain on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Broadband here is very good. 

Euskadi is in the leading group of the State the percentage of households with Ultrafast Broadband coverage reaching 94.3% in June 2018- surely in this moment more-. Based on the presented results, the Basque Country presents a promising panorama regarding fixed broadband internet access infrastructures, reaching practically all households. Even so, this infrastructure is not used efficiently, with travel still being made for its use of communication capacity.

Fixed speed network coverage, ³ 100 Mbps by Autonomous Communities of Spain

This graphic is from 2018 and it’s from the document “Banda Ancha Ultrarapida en Euskadi” done by the Basque Broadband Observatory.- Source: SEAD

This section includes the coverage provided by fixed networks at speeds of at least 100 Mbps, which includes HFC, Hybrid fiber-coaxial is a telecommunications industry term for a broadband network that combines optical fiber and coaxial cable and FTTH (Fiber to the home) coverage.

The Basque Country is in the 'top three' of the communities with the most Internet coverage. After Melilla, where 100% of the population is covered, and Madrid, with 97.1%, is the Basque Country, which has 94.3%. Very much insight into the Spanish average, which is still at 81%.

Comparison of the EU28 countries of the DESI connectivity index to June 2018. Orskestra.

This graphic is fromBanda Ancha Ultrarápida en Euskadi” done by the “Basque Broadband Observatory.

Euskadi is next to the countries at the top of the Ultrafast Broadband Index such as Malta, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Denmark, which are those that exceed 90% of households covered by these services. In the same way, this situation allows Euskadi to be placed, comparatively, among the European countries of the leading group in the global connectivity index.

Coverage by technology in the Basque Country

ADSL ≥ 2Mbps
ADSL ≥ 10Mbps
Inalámbricas ≥ 2 Mbps
Inalámbricas ≥ 30 Mbps

Coverage by speed in the Basque Country

≥ 2 Mbps
≥ 10 Mbps
≥ 30 Mbps
≥ 100 Mbps

These numbers are from the quantity of the people that has this type of speed. So we can say that almost everybody has very good internet speed. 94,31% of the population has 100 Mbps or more in the Basque Country in 2018. This has been improving since 2014, in this year the 86% of the population was the lucky ones.

This data is taken from the “Cobertura de banda ancha en españa en el año 2018” done by the “Secretaría de estado para el avance digital” (SEAD).


Euskaltel (legally Euskaltel, S.A.) is an operator of fixed telephony, mobile telephony, subscription television (Euskaltel TV) and internet (fiber and 4G), which operates in the Basque Country, Asturias, Galicia, and Navarra. Its headquarters are located in the Zamudio Technology Park, in the municipality of Derio, Vizcaya. It is the main operator in the Basque Country.

Euskaltel has the largest fiber-optic network in Euskadi, with some 350,000 kilometers installed and is the leader in the Basque Country with 216,846 customers, a 41% market share in broadband. This leadership is also maintained in the cable television segment, with 115,554 customers and a 47% market share. In mobile telephony, Euskaltel controls a 20% market share, with 165,411 customers while in fixed telephony it is the second operator, with a 38% market share. All Euskaltel internet customers will have speeds ranging from a minimum of 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps in their homes. 

As for the coverage of Euskaltel is like any of the large operators, it has a great speed of navigation both in its connection at home and in the Euskaltel 4G mobile rates, in addition to 3G and 2G. The 4G navigation speed reaches 75MB of upload and 25MB of download if we compare it with the ADSL speed we see that the 4G mobile speed is higher. The 3G mobile speed is lower, it reaches 16MB of upload and 4MB down.

The ADSL that Euskaltel offers is about 20MB upload and 640KB download. The fiber coverage is already deployed in the Spanish territory since it is given by Orange. If you do not have fiber coverage in your home you will also be able to enjoy an internet service, with the difference that this will be through ADSL. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of DSL digital subscriber line technology.

Optical fibers are used most often as a means to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber and find wide usage in fiber-optic communications, where they permit transmission over longer distances and at higher bandwidths (data rates) than electrical cables.

Euskaltel hasBanda Ancha ultrarrápida”, this means extra fast broadband, they use a last generation fiber optic.

Basque Broadband Observatory

Banda Zabal ultralasterraren Euskal Behatokia (Basque Broadband Observatory), Promoted by the Basque Government and the three Provincial Councils, it was decided to create the Basque Ultra-Fast Broadband Observatory, which is managed by the public companies SPRI, HAZI and ITELAZPI

The  objective of the observatory is to establish and keep updated the photograph of the situation of the ultrafast Broadband in Euskadi as it is included in the Digital Agenda of

Euskadi 2020. They are making a plan to improve broadband in Euskadi. The main objective of this is to take broadband to every place from there. The Basque Government and the three provincial councils have allocated more than 20 million Euros in recent years to assist operators in expanding areas in networks, in small areas and industrial areas because the private network will not expand these networks in these areas.

It is worth mentioning that The Basque Country has been awarded the European Commission for projects that have launched ultralight broadband to rural areas. He has been named one of the winners of the 2019 European Broadband Award for his work in ensuring territorial balance and universal access to ultra-broadband. They have been awarded in one of five categories, “Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas”, which is a “best practice” in Europe.

Between 2016 and 2018, the Basque Government and the three deputies have provided this plan with aid of almost 10 million euros and thanks to this investment 373 business estates have benefited, which has allowed improving the connectivity of 5,25 companies in which around 68,000 people work.

The difference between the rural zones and the capital ones is still there. This is an aspect that they considered to improve in the next times. It was considered necessary to address action plans that would encourage the deployment (PEBA) to maintain the competitiveness of the companies (Basque Industry 4.0 strategy) and to ensure a territorial balance in the quality of life in urban and rural areas. The industrial areas are also a point to improve; they want to achieve a good technology in industrial areas. Their aim is to provide broadband connection in all the municipals of the Basque Country, the ones that because of the geographical ubication can be a little bit more expensive to get there, they want to achieve it by the end of 2020. So the broadband that the Basque Country has will surely improve in the next year. The broadband in the Basque Country has a very good position. But improving it is not a bad idea because enhance the speed and the quality is always good.

We analyze broadband and HbbTV evolution (here, the case of the Basque Country) in this blog, in Research Group about Digital Journalism and Marketing and Broadband and in Research Group on Innovative Monetization Systems of Digital Journalism, Marketing and Tourism (SIMPED), from CECABLEEscola Universitària Mediterrani of UdGUPF and Blanquerna-URL, in Twitter (@CECABLEresearch), in the group of LinkedIn, in the page of LinkedIn, in the group of Facebook, in Instagram (CECABLE), in Pinterest and in this blog. We will go in deep in the XXV Cable and Broadband Catalonia Congress (2020-21, Barcelona).

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  1. Bonito artículo sobre la banda ancha en el País Vasco. ¡Felicidades, Dr. Fondevila!

  2. Quins articles més macos i documentats! Felicitats!

  3. Totalmente d'acord en que la banda ampla, queda vegada més, s'esta convertint en una eina imprescindible per a tots nosaltres, i molt útil pels que es dediquen a tot aquest món. Article molt interessant, felicitas Joan!

  4. Yo creo que las TIC y la banda ancha se están convirtiendo poco a poco en un gran aliado para las empresas ya que hacen que sus productos sean más buenos e innovadores. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu artículo, la tecnología hoy día es imprescindible para nosotros y en un futuro será imposible pensar en un mundo sin tecnología.

  5. La banda ancha tiene un gran impacto en las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación, debido a que hoy en día estamos continuamente conectados a la red, y como bien dice en el artículo, vivamos en la ciudad o en el campo, invertir en la banda ancha es una cosa de provecho que se debe llevar a cabo para el bienestar social.

    Si nos paramos a pensar en nuestro proyecto, un asistente virtual, es imposible su funcionamiento sin conexión a la red, ya que es un producto informático programado para ayudar a otras personas y darles soporte y si no disponen de una fuente de energía y conectividad, este proyecto y sus finalidades no se pueden llevar a cabo.

    Pero tenemos la suerte de que hoy en día disponemos de grandes tecnologías y podemos comunicarnos de un lado del planeta a otro en segundos, y es por eso que debemos prosperar y seguir adelante con la tecnología de la información y la comunicación (TIC) y el sector de la banda ancha ya que sin esto no podríamos seguir adelante innovandonos. Muy buen artículo, inspirador.

  6. “En la actualidad, la banda ancha se ha convertido en algo indispensable para la comunicación, el comercio, las relaciones sociales, entre muchas otras cosas. Todo esto, debido a la gran época digital que estamos viviendo y su demanda a nivel mundial, no solo en Euskadi es primordial mejorar la calidad de la banda ancha, también debe mejorarse en otras zonas más rurales de los pueblos, ciudades y países. ¿Qué relación tiene la importancia de la banda ancha con respecto al marketing de los productos? Es sencillo, ya gracias a la era digital no solo la demanda de banda ancha y de mejora de su calidad se ha incrementado, sino que también otros sectores, como podría ser el marketing digital; en la actualidad, esto permite dar mucha más visibilidad a los productos o servicios a unos costes no tan elevados, incluso dar una visibilidad internacional. Todo esto también con la ayuda de las TIC y su evolución durante los últimos años.”

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    Trobo que es tracta d'un article molt important perquè és el futur.

  9. Dira rere dia veiem que la banda ample agafa més importància a les nostres vides, ja que els negocis i la vida quotidiana tendeixen a una digitalització que provoca que necessitem d'aquesta rapidesa a l'hora de navegar. Es molt important la inversió en aquest sector, ja que millora molt la comunicació entre els usuaris.

  10. Great article! Broadband is very important nowadays because it is tightly related to the development in ICT. It is crucial to have broadband everywhere to have an equal development in the different areas. For the Basque Country having 94.3% of its territory with broadband access is admirable because rural areas usually do not have great connections and that is what is making them even more desolated, if people who live far from the city lack a good internet connection they will certainly move to the city. Having this great connection allows people to live in the countryside without having to miss on all the benefits of the internet.
    ICT is strongly connected with marketing too because it is a great way to promote products in all of the different places. Having broadband connection allows marketing to be made inside of people’s houses. Marketing expands at the same time as broadband, where there is internet connection, there is marketing happening.

  11. Molt bon article, Joan. Estic totalment d'acord amb tu i amb el Govern d'Euskadi. Apostar per invertir en les TIC i la banda ample és un èxit assegurat. Considero que volent implementar aquesta cobertura tant a les zones rurals com a les zones urbanes marquen la diferència, i per això Euskadi està per sobre de comunitats tan importants com Catalunya o Madrid.
    Com dius a l'article, aquesta inversió beneficia a moltes empreses i per conseqüència, a molts treballadors, que en són d'importants en la situació actual.
    Cal dir que mai hauria imaginat que Melilla fos la comunitat autònoma amb més cobertura d'internet a Espanya.

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    Aida Llavall

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    L’ús de la banda ampla i TIC en l’àmbit del màrqueting digital es de vital importància, les empreses sempre busquen innovar i sobretot transmetre informació amb diversos dispositius electrònics on la comunicació sempre ha de tenir les garanties d’una bona connectivitat a la xarxa.

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    Des del meu punt de vista, aquests números continuaran a l'alça ja que cada cop més necessitem d'aquesta eina per viure en el nostre entorn, ja sigui per a treballar, per oci, per estudiar, com per anar comprar.

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  22. Un article interessant on t'ensenya la importància de la banda ampla avui en dia i en el futur. En aquest cas per a mi la sorpresa ha estat que es parla del País Basc i no una de les capitals que pensem que són més avançades en tecnològia. Finalment estic d'acord en haver d'invertir en les TIC i banda ampla ja que com s'ha comentat avui en dia ja no es pot estar sense elles i cada vegada volem mes.

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  24. Nice article! Nowadays as you have said before, we are in the digital era, so broadband has become more than a necessity for society, it has become essential. The graphics are really useful when trying to understand the numbers and they show the increase of population covered by the broadband network’s industry. As a result of the pandemic situation, more people moved to the countryside because broadband lets them work from home so they do not need to live in the city centre. At the same time, the fact of being connected allows marketing the possibility to persuade the consumer with many advertisements but they do not realise the final purpose of the whole thing.

    Marta Cuenca.

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    Es vital la distribución y crecimiento de banda ancha, ya que es algo que esta en nuestro día a día por la evolución digital, por eso invertir económicamente en esta herramienta es necesario para la era tecnológica actual.

  32. ¡Gran comentario Joan! Actualmente la banda ancha (internet) ya es imprescindible tanto para la comunicación, el comercio, las redes sociales y la televisión en streaming, entre otros; debido a la gran demanda a nivel mundial en la época digital en la que vivimos. Por este mismo motivo la inversión en banda ancha es muy importante mejorarla, no solamente, en Euskadi, sino que también, en aquellas zonas más rurales; ya que al permitir lo mencionado anteriormente da la posibilidad a que sectores como el marketing digital crezcan y den mucha más visibilidad a productos y/o servicios; ya que actualmente gran parte de nuestro tiempo estamos utilizando la banda ancha (internet).

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  34. We should take the basque country as an example because having a good internet connection is an essential thing to our day to day life. Right now it is even more important since we have to limit our contact with others because of corona virus and the fact that a lot of people have to work from home show was how having a great broadband makes a difference. This is a great article to see how our society is becoming more technological and what the governments should do to keep up with the technologies advances and offer a good internet service for the population.

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  38. La banda ancha es cada vez más importante, ya que la tendencia del mercado señala que en un futuro llegara a convertirse en imprescindible dentro la sociedad. Ya sea desde el ámbito profesional o doméstico, las necesidades de una rápida conexión a internet son vitales ya que cada vez somos más exigentes.